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A Dollar & A Dream: How to Open a Selfie Museum in 30 Days (Without Breaking the Bank!) ©
This 45-page E-Book walks you through exactly how to plan, fund, open, and maintain a successful selfie museum the do-it-yourself way. The E-Book includes marketing ideas, budgeting guides, a printable workbook and more! In 30 Days, you'll be able to go from idea to an open concept!

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Maddy, Co-Owner, DREAM Selfie Museum

About the Author

Maddy, Co-Owner, DREAM Selfie Museum

Maddy is a serial entrepreneur and people connector who thrives in helping others make their dreams come true! In 30 Days (along with husband and co-owner, Jeff), Maddy opened a selfie museum that nearly quadrupled the couple's initial investment without any experience...and a very small budget.

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